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What kind of dress should you be in a belly dance class?
Dress is a pledge of your development. Why? Because if you let me fix your movements while you practice belly dancing, you can develop much faster. That's why I'm wondering how to wear comfortable pants or warm pants, and possibly skirt the skirt because it will block the released movement. Top or short narrow shoulder top suggested if you want your stomach outside, but not a requirement. If it's tight, you'll see it moving. You can tie your shirt safely to your waist but you can not rattle. Footwear is the best for jersey or sock.

What Happens in Free Presentation Hours?
After you change it, we begin with Tóth Bea's special warm-up that you will need for belly dance exercises. Then we learn basic moves, help pick up positions and compile a short choreography. Because live music education is vital to good training and dancing, so I invite you to a Demonstration Clock for a darbiga drum, and we also learn and dance with our choreography. At the end of the clock we hold a stretch to protect our joints from injuries. At the end of the presentation you have the opportunity to take part in the course, enroll.

Is there a disadvantage if I can not be there every hour?
Belly dance exercises are usually built on one another, so it is more fortunate if you are involved every time. Of course, if you miss out on the 10th Intensive Initial Belly Dance Course, the world does not come together, but if it's totally unpredictable when you can come, then I recommend your regular belly dancing lessons.

What if I can not do the moves?
It is quite normal if you can not do all the belly dance exercises at first. You are here to learn these and develop yourself. And I have to help you in this and have taught me all the time. Come on, be sure you will succeed.

What is the upper and lower age?
It is to grow ageless. That is exactly why there is no upper limit in the belly dance, as it helps maintain feminine, maintains a good physical condition, increases female self-confidence, makes female muscles more flexible and helps prepare for birth.

At the earliest, in the case of children, I undergo belly dancing for hormonal development reasons when my first cycle arrives. I suggest that every parent strictly adhere to it.

Is it ok if I'm very thin or overweight?
Since the belly dance is not only independent of age, but also of an element, anyone can dance. All body forms are gifts that fate gives, we need to appreciate it and get the best out of it. Most of us, however, are not satisfied with themselves for all objective reasons. We strive for the participants to accept and acquire themselves through the beauty of the Hastanac dance.

How do I choose the right belly dance teacher / studio?
Before your first belly dance class, you should take part in a demonstration lesson where you can assess who you want to be your teacher. In that case, it is advisable to talk to her about why she teaches me and what impression she has for us. Let us listen to our own judgment, listen to us, to our questions. While teaching, explain the movements, break it down into tiny pieces to learn it well. Are you correcting your mistakes, watching your holdings? Are you really as skilled as you claim?

The House of Belly Dance should be spacious, with air, large mirrors, to make it easier to unfold yourself. It is advisable to train in an air-conditioned room because air quality is important to be good during active movement!

How long can you learn the belly dance?
It is completely individual when our body and nervous system are used for belly dancing. According to the experiences, belly dancing elements and some basic primitives can be learned in 10 weeks.
For a serious stage action, of course, it takes more time, but I'm patient, and I hope you will be with yourself to develop your inner spell before the broader audience.

What's the difference between aerobics, running and belly dancing?
Aerobics and running maintain the level of fat burning with active, relaxed movements, and in many people, for example, knee and ankle injuries. In addition, such movements affect women in such a way as to exacerbate the body in the unwanted place, thereby reducing the pleasure.

Belly dancing, with soft, but intense movements, constantly "flows" to the muscles of the body (live) of the music rhythm. The proper belly dance instructor will always adjust the knee, ankle, if it is wrong, all of us aim health.

Can you lose weight from the chapel?
This is very unique, but it is usually not possible to lose weight in two of the two suitable chestnut chains each week. However, it may be part of a slimming if you really feel you have to lose weight. The chestnut chain is suitable for shaping and we suggest the quality of the nutrition.

Can I get married if I have spinal or other injuries before?
Belly dancing is often recommended by doctors to improve our backbone. It maintains the vertebrae, outer and inner muscles in the spine, holding straps without strain.

Does the belly dance help to miss the menstrual complaints?
Many women suffer from torturing pain during their cycle. While doing belly dance exercises, the lower abdominal muscle increases, thus reducing the pain.

Belly dancing breathing and holding elements, hip and leg regimens will all help in this matter. In the long run, belly dancing also reduces the strength and duration of the cycle.

How can my belly dance help me with my incontinence problem?
Age and juvenile incontinence refers to the elongation of the muscles of the pool, or simply to their weakness. In such cases, the lumbar spine can not close normally and may have drip problems in urine or urine.

The problem is caused by the bladder sinking, causing it to become overwhelming, and not due to the weakness of the endoscopic muscles.

The final solution is to restore upper abdominal muscles, so the urinary bladder does not press the lip muscles at an abnormally high pressure. Belly dancing is suitable for preventing and reducing the internal, spine and other muscles.

Why are you offering belly dancing for Klimax?
The changing age is the physical and mental process that is changing direction for every woman in life. In such cases, we must be in the focus of ourselves. As you accept, the tendency to depression decreases. This belly dancer helps you.

While dancing, you use your body and get to know yourself more closely. Many women are moving away from the air whenever they are climaxing, and get closer to themselves and flourish further.

How Does Belly Dance Reduce Stress in My Life?
Surely you have experienced that the most important help in stress management is active recreation, various exercise activities. In women, the belly dance gives more than simply switches off, affects your femininity, your inner harmony and makes you feel better.

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