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Femininity and belly dance are among the greatest and most enjoyable activities of your life. Sometimes you may have questions about your own goals. We strive to answer all your questions with great joy and helplessness.

If you want to get in touch with flatters, I recommend the following forum:

From the hall:

    76sqm mirrored room
    professional sound technology
    2 separate dressing rooms, lockable wardrobes, 1 resting place
    board, lecture board, seat cushion, advertising wall
    bathroom, kitchen
    all in elegant Oriental style: textile dome, Moroccan lamps, eastern curtains

For information about renting a dance hall, I can use the above contact details.

More info:
Tóth Bea Amaraya
Bellybea Bt.
1067 Budapest. Eötvös u. 41 / a
Tel: +36 30 / 399-45-35

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