Tóth Bea Amaraya

Belly Dance Teacher

Oriental performer and dancer

I graduated from the National Association of Dance Teachers in contemporary contemporary dance. The subject of my dissertation is Training Orientale (Eastern) Dancers on American Jazz Basics.

Since 2005, I travel 2-3 times a year to Egypt to develop my knowledge of belly dancing classes of legendary dancers (nowadays great masters). I was lucky to stand on the podium of the two most prestigious world races. No, not even in our grand prix races. In June 2010 I was taught my first guest as a Hungarian, in Cairo, the world's biggest belly dance forum at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Belly Dance Festival.

I've been racing forever in my life. I was passionate about the karate that had preceded dancing for years. I was so passionate that I was completely intoxicated and had serious problems with my cycle. I seriously thought about that. Then came the belly dance into my life, and as I brought my feminine side back, my health came back. That is why I set the goal of sharing the blessing with my cousins ​​in which I got the belly dance. So I chose this profession as a profession, which I really enjoy and has become my life now. On the one hand, dance itself as a movement for everyone is extremely useful; On the other hand, I can pass on my experience so far - whether I do not work in the night, I love the stage, I also take part in performances and I also have a professional tutorial. Thirdly, I love to teach, it is a kind of inner urge to support Women in realizing their enjoyment, accepting themselves, and teaming together into physical and psychological problems so that everyone can achieve their goal. I'm doing this job out of my heartbeat, who has already been on my belly dancing. I try to consider the individuality of each of my students and teach them, to deal with them to be even better than me. If you were not satisfied, you should advertise me ;-)!

The True Thing of Thousand One Night

"Bea Tóth is a cheerful and beautiful Hungarian girl who fits into the fairy tale of the Thousand-One Night without any concern. The whole of her being is surrounded by the spicy wonder that one wants to be enthusiastic about, so as to bring it with energy reserves into the fussy daydreams.

Rarely is a person who really trusts goodness and still believes that hard work is gaining its fruit. This kind of life-experience has so far proved to be true to him, although sometimes he has to come to it, life is much harder to measure the blows on man than he imagines in the dream world of the Thousand-Nights.

Beat Tóth has all the most important experiences of his time in Egypt, but lives in Budapest. In the Arabian country he was able to master the traditional belly dancing, in 2006 he became bronze medalist in Cairo in a prestigious world competition. Bea swims right in happiness, since almost everything came to him for what he wanted.

The stage is a real diva, but in private it is very solid. She had been wondering about her femininity for a short time, claiming she was a boyish guy before, even karate. In his cupboard, it is hard to believe this statement with pearl fabrics and silks. Walking in front of the wardrobe, it turns out that the belly dancer is not a wasteful type, but in the closet, one might think that she was spending hundreds of thousands on dazzling clothes.

There are some very valuable pieces, but we also find fancy suits that he made with his girlfriend. I can assure you, it does not show to any of them that it was not designed by a world-famous fashion designer. At one of our conversations, Bea betrayed her: she is already very grateful that a lot of people are just stuck in the belly dance, not the spiritual force that pervades this genre.

Bea thinks women who feel ugly or dissatisfied with their shape will immediately buy belly dancing lessons. She thinks this kind of activity is miraculous in a few months. The ladies will not only be more balanced, but also visibly beautiful.

This has also happened with the wonderful photos shown on this website. Whoever looks at them certainly does not feel the exaggeration I mentioned at the beginning of my brief briefing about the Thousand of Nights and the excellent Hungarian belly dancer. I wish him to remain with the dear, humble girl whom I can learn and help in that the disciples who fall out of their hands can value in our devastated world. "

-Döme Barbara-

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