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Femininity and belly dance are among the greatest and most enjoyable activities of your life. Sometimes you may have questions about your own goals. We strive to answer all your questions with great joy and helplessness.

If you want to get in touch with flatters, I recommend the following forum:

From the hall:

    76sqm mirrored room
    professional sound technology
    2 separate dressing rooms, lockable wardrobes, 1 resting place
    board, lecture board, seat cushion, advertising wall
    bathroom, kitchen
    all in elegant Oriental style: textile dome, Moroccan lamps, eastern curtains

For information about renting a dance hall, I can use the above contact details.

More info:
Tóth Bea Amaraya
Bellybea Bt.
1067 Budapest. Eötvös u. 41 / a
Tel: +36 30 / 399-45-35

FAQ Answers

What kind of dress should you be in a belly dance class?
Dress is a pledge of your development. Why? Because if you let me fix your movements while you practice belly dancing, you can develop much faster. That's why I'm wondering how to wear comfortable pants or warm pants, and possibly skirt the skirt because it will block the released movement. Top or short narrow shoulder top suggested if you want your stomach outside, but not a requirement. If it's tight, you'll see it moving. You can tie your shirt safely to your waist but you can not rattle. Footwear is the best for jersey or sock.

What Happens in Free Presentation Hours?
After you change it, we begin with Tóth Bea's special warm-up that you will need for belly dance exercises. Then we learn basic moves, help pick up positions and compile a short choreography. Because live music education is vital to good training and dancing, so I invite you to a Demonstration Clock for a darbiga drum, and we also learn and dance with our choreography. At the end of the clock we hold a stretch to protect our joints from injuries. At the end of the presentation you have the opportunity to take part in the course, enroll.

Is there a disadvantage if I can not be there every hour?
Belly dance exercises are usually built on one another, so it is more fortunate if you are involved every time. Of course, if you miss out on the 10th Intensive Initial Belly Dance Course, the world does not come together, but if it's totally unpredictable when you can come, then I recommend your regular belly dancing lessons.

What if I can not do the moves?
It is quite normal if you can not do all the belly dance exercises at first. You are here to learn these and develop yourself. And I have to help you in this and have taught me all the time. Come on, be sure you will succeed.

What is the upper and lower age?
It is to grow ageless. That is exactly why there is no upper limit in the belly dance, as it helps maintain feminine, maintains a good physical condition, increases female self-confidence, makes female muscles more flexible and helps prepare for birth.

At the earliest, in the case of children, I undergo belly dancing for hormonal development reasons when my first cycle arrives. I suggest that every parent strictly adhere to it.

Is it ok if I'm very thin or overweight?
Since the belly dance is not only independent of age, but also of an element, anyone can dance. All body forms are gifts that fate gives, we need to appreciate it and get the best out of it. Most of us, however, are not satisfied with themselves for all objective reasons. We strive for the participants to accept and acquire themselves through the beauty of the Hastanac dance.

How do I choose the right belly dance teacher / studio?
Before your first belly dance class, you should take part in a demonstration lesson where you can assess who you want to be your teacher. In that case, it is advisable to talk to her about why she teaches me and what impression she has for us. Let us listen to our own judgment, listen to us, to our questions. While teaching, explain the movements, break it down into tiny pieces to learn it well. Are you correcting your mistakes, watching your holdings? Are you really as skilled as you claim?

The House of Belly Dance should be spacious, with air, large mirrors, to make it easier to unfold yourself. It is advisable to train in an air-conditioned room because air quality is important to be good during active movement!

How long can you learn the belly dance?
It is completely individual when our body and nervous system are used for belly dancing. According to the experiences, belly dancing elements and some basic primitives can be learned in 10 weeks.
For a serious stage action, of course, it takes more time, but I'm patient, and I hope you will be with yourself to develop your inner spell before the broader audience.

What's the difference between aerobics, running and belly dancing?
Aerobics and running maintain the level of fat burning with active, relaxed movements, and in many people, for example, knee and ankle injuries. In addition, such movements affect women in such a way as to exacerbate the body in the unwanted place, thereby reducing the pleasure.

Belly dancing, with soft, but intense movements, constantly "flows" to the muscles of the body (live) of the music rhythm. The proper belly dance instructor will always adjust the knee, ankle, if it is wrong, all of us aim health.

Can you lose weight from the chapel?
This is very unique, but it is usually not possible to lose weight in two of the two suitable chestnut chains each week. However, it may be part of a slimming if you really feel you have to lose weight. The chestnut chain is suitable for shaping and we suggest the quality of the nutrition.

Can I get married if I have spinal or other injuries before?
Belly dancing is often recommended by doctors to improve our backbone. It maintains the vertebrae, outer and inner muscles in the spine, holding straps without strain.

Does the belly dance help to miss the menstrual complaints?
Many women suffer from torturing pain during their cycle. While doing belly dance exercises, the lower abdominal muscle increases, thus reducing the pain.

Belly dancing breathing and holding elements, hip and leg regimens will all help in this matter. In the long run, belly dancing also reduces the strength and duration of the cycle.

How can my belly dance help me with my incontinence problem?
Age and juvenile incontinence refers to the elongation of the muscles of the pool, or simply to their weakness. In such cases, the lumbar spine can not close normally and may have drip problems in urine or urine.

The problem is caused by the bladder sinking, causing it to become overwhelming, and not due to the weakness of the endoscopic muscles.

The final solution is to restore upper abdominal muscles, so the urinary bladder does not press the lip muscles at an abnormally high pressure. Belly dancing is suitable for preventing and reducing the internal, spine and other muscles.

Why are you offering belly dancing for Klimax?
The changing age is the physical and mental process that is changing direction for every woman in life. In such cases, we must be in the focus of ourselves. As you accept, the tendency to depression decreases. This belly dancer helps you.

While dancing, you use your body and get to know yourself more closely. Many women are moving away from the air whenever they are climaxing, and get closer to themselves and flourish further.

How Does Belly Dance Reduce Stress in My Life?
Surely you have experienced that the most important help in stress management is active recreation, various exercise activities. In women, the belly dance gives more than simply switches off, affects your femininity, your inner harmony and makes you feel better.

Change your shape and affection with the trumpet and give yourself a harmonious femininity for a lifetime! - which others spend only with the acquisition of external beauty!

A successful 10-week Intensive Beginner's Belly Dance Course will give you the momentum you will not be able to answer the comments of your friends and family.

What can be the secret of those attractive and successful belly dancers who are not the ones who are facing the streets of the street, but what they are about to become a real phenomenon?

You can learn the way to feminine radiation from a trusted source based on an exemplary belly dancer's experience on the 10th Intensive Beginning Belly Dance Course. But if you've been in the Free Demonstration Hour , you know exactly what the "personality blubbering" belly dance training is about.

In women who want to change their lives, I almost encounter the typical mistake that the "pure-hearted" belly dancers do not believe: they think they can gain the inner beauty with weight loss and sexy clothes. They are therefore slimming and dressing prominently, which often does not produce the expected impact.
"It's a wonderful thing, as in our belly dancing, our exterior and inside together, acting on each other, is evolving. It's a wonderful thing to know and to love ourselves, the feminine self ... ... over 30 ... :-)"

Horváth Ági

However, the basis of inner beauty and femininity is not the follow-up of trends, nor the newer make-up or the honey mass that has been pulled out by the latest diet, but the understanding and the conscious and instinctive use of the feminine harmony offered by the belly dance. But how do you know where to find them?

I speak almost against myself, but learning a "glamorous" belly dancer is much simpler than you first thought. Lessons learned as a secondary income for undergraduate education as a by-product, you can learn techniques by imitation, but the approach is rather different.

Warning: this is not a night butterfly training course, but a personality blunder is the goal.

A hard-working woman with a desire to travel (who is important to achieve inner beauty) needs a pragmatic and spirit-based guide, which in addition takes into account the values ​​and needs of a decent woman in today's social norms and lifestyles. Let's look at the 9 important aspects that I think:

    How can you understand and apply the "pure hearted" belly dancing technique and what tools are available for you
    What exercises include a belly dance training , with which your back and shoulders become feminine
    How to apply the lessons learned in everyday life and how to apply this successful belly dancer
    How to build up the inner support that guarantees for you all your life to live as a harmonious woman
    How to create your own harmonious lifestyle , which really comes from within and expresses you
    How do you handle the acquired chaplaincy to grow steadily and apply it to newer areas
    How to Get a Real Picture To Find What You Really Wanted You Can Do It Successfully And Magically Make A Female
    How to shape an image of yourself by taking into account the inner and outer directions of the belly dance to make you attractive and successful
    How to become dignified by your changed female broadcast

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The 10-Day Intensive Beginning Belly Dance Course will provide you with a well-functioning learning process and solution that will step you step by step on each element of self-confident womanhood and in the process of creating and maintaining a completely new quality of life.

His voice is free from all kinds of esoteric, mischiired doctrines , in a totally ordinary way (a well-trained belly dancer so talks ...), and thanks to many practical tasks, it enriches you with experiences that you will remember years later.
With the experienced 10-week Intensive Beginner's Belly Dance Course you:

    you will learn a step-by-step movement culture that will build up your full personality, both exterior and inner,
    you will learn a special warm-up training to develop a healthy muscle for the movements of a belly dancer
    you have plenty of experience, success comment, and a useful idea to keep positions and to perform the right and elegant accomplishment of hip gestures,
    you will ultimately experience the "joyful belly dance" experience and its causes,
    after 10 weeks and you can get personalized support for your next steps if you really want to be a beloved!
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Why Does Bea Tóth Deal With Amaraya Belly Dance?

Why would you spend a nationally and internationally acclaimed racer and dancer doing your time by teaching "beloved" women to "ordinary" women? Are not you afraid to overwhelm the new talents and tear him off the stage?

The answer would be to many people, but I will tell you that world stars are earning more money a day than you can to train for months. Find the right answer elsewhere ...

I've been doing something and I want you to think about it now somewhere: Remember your childhood when your dreams could ever become a reality, even in your imagination. If you wanted to be a singer if you wanted a dance queen ...

Imagine that you are struggling for survival throughout your childhood, but you are still challenging. You're starting to play karate, fighting sports as a woman. You go to the depths of the subject, you keep getting results, traveling to Thailand several times, getting to know culture, everything.

Then you discover a problem, there are striking disturbances in your cycles, specifically it does not come for months. You feel you have to change, you are looking for a solution. You are going to a natural therapist friend to ask for advice. You know you're reluctant to take medicines, so first you propose to start a feminine dance .

At first, you are very opposed. One day, in the hallway hall, you will notice some girls entering a room with colorful dresses. You're after what they're doing. You're excited, you do not know why. They were belly dancers ...

You can practice. From now on you have become part of your life, you understand your past and origin. You experience inner balance and femininity, and you are healthy again in a year. Then you win the world's most prestigious tournaments and experience the joy of change.

How do you feel? Would you be grateful for the knowledge that returned your life? Your femininity? How do you feel, would you share this knowledge with others or would you keep it for yourself? Do you also feel that others may need to retrieve their femininity? That's why I'm getting up every morning.

If you do not believe it, come to the 10th Intensive Beginning Belly Dance Course and you will see it!

My disciples are live examples.
"In January I was just going to have to have a nice idea to dance ... but what do I do?" "And loose!" Belly dance! "And I went ... I enjoyed the music, the movements, the subtlety, the vibration of the dance that hugged me and stuck with me. at home, the fact that my soul worships the woman I became ... more relaxed, smiling, more open ... in life ... in love ... "

Polonkai Marianna
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Who should go for the Intensive Beginner 10 "Personality Exhilarating" Belly Dance Course?

Those who are thirsty for those who are beginning to get tired of throwing their time out of the window every day with their feminine attempts. They are beginning to get tired of their newer and newer efforts without clinging to their determination.
They feel that they are far away from the transition, but they can not do the next "belly dance" step.

Parents , mothers who want to give their children a legacy not a picture of a wilting flower, but can provide a clear example of their boldness and gender.

Wives who want full-fledged wives and do not want their husbands to replace them 10 years younger because they have lost their attractive and self-confident emancipation over the years.

Women in senior positions who are "wearing the pants" at their workplace, but full-grown women and girls. mothers want to be.

Hungarian young-emerging women's society who want to know how to become a real individual and successful phenomenon by the belly dance.
Important: If you live in a happy, happy atmosphere based on your current circumstances, you can afford anything you have ever imagined and you think no one can give you any more, then the 10th Intensive Beginning Belly Dance Course is not for you.

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What is the 10th Intensive Initial Belly Dance Course?

The course summarizes the multitude of techniques used and applied. Bea has been in Cairo several times a year, and as a sole member of our country, he is in close contact with Madame Raquia Hassan, mother-in-law of the belly dancer world class master. His training program is based on ancient chapel to the latest Egyptian choreographies, ballet, modern dances and other motion techniques.

1.) 10-week course

    you take two intensive courses twice a week
    special warm-up training
    belly dance positions
    basic hip techniques
    basic chest techniques
    belly dance
    Learn the basics of Arabic music
    Arab movement and step combinations
    At the end of the course, you will learn a full drum choreography

2.) Teaching material in written form based on Ahlan Wa Sahlan's Cairo Master Course

    the Egyptian master's degree (which Tóth Bea completed as the first Hungarian)
    the legendary Egyptian belly dancer's Secret
    special breathing technique
    Unique Tóth Bea Amaraya Kind of Flaking
    material of culture and femininity

3.) Live music education

    you can learn the practice at all times, which is necessary to deepen the basics
    from the beginning, as you do in the professional schools, you can build it later
    one becomes your ears and your body
    you experience the magic of living music

4.) Course audio material on cd

    the learned belly dance will get you basic temptations
    you will find the choreography music on it
    you can practice it at home or just listen to it to get to know music faster
    Learning the basic primitives on the cd will make any Arabian music environment home to you, as modern modern music is also based on these
    self-made Professional audio from Amar Tabla Band's performance - not a comedy album!

5.) Bonus: Women's Culture Lecture (excerpt topic!)

    what can we learn from Arab women
    what are the tricks of a successful Arab woman and belly dancer
    behind the veils is a real passion ...

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Ok, I care, but how much?

The 10-Day Intensive Beginning Belly Dance Course is a highly successful experience. I spent many years and millions to find and merge basic and safe techniques that I basically deliver over this 10 week period.

The time invested, energy is, of course, profitable, and many students seem to be out of control as you study with us. I have a disciple who, in his own admission, "gray mice" has become a real cove in a little over half a year. Another mother restored her marriage by simply knowing her own side ...

The 10th Intensive Beginner Belly Dance Course is a real transformation and not just about belly dancing. You bring him the beauty that lies within you that you can not detect so far. This is our experience, everyone says about us.

How much would it matter if you were betrayed what to do and how to do it now to become more and more self-confident , a quality, decent, radiant, feminine lifestyle? Or what would it be for you if your attempts would now be successful and you would be liberated by accepting yourself, would you be confident in every company?

With a quick idea, you can easily calculate how much and how much time you could achieve the same result with other solutions:

    If you want to figure out these tricks yourself, you might even be chasing your first choreography at the age of 80.

    If you contract a true chaplain teacher with a real knowledge, 600,000Ft or more monthly, 10 weeks 1,500,000Ft!

    If you are visiting foreign courses, as Bea does, if you only take an 11 day Egyptian intensive course, you will have at least 500,000Ft + tickets!

    The 10-week Intensive Beginner's Belly Dance Course has a complex system of just £ 35,000, which you can pay in several installments!

Included in the price:

    For 10 weeks you have 2 intensive belly dancing sessions twice a week
    Hungary alone!
    After every hour you get the material of the clock that you can drop into the folder you get from us
    Hungary alone!
    Live music drum training 10 times (drummers take action at 10,000ft / 15pc) ... to learn from movement to movement, from beat to pace, fast and fast
    Hungary alone!
    The Hours Used Music on CD, Own-Created Professional Audio in Amar Tabla Band's Performance - Non-Memo Selection Sheet!
    Bonus! Hungary alone!
    After the course, we invite you to a semi-Hungarian, semi-Arab + graduate bachelor, who will pass on his knowledge and experience on an abundant lecture on how Arab women live and what they know about the femininity we have to learn. - indeed, behind the veils is a real passion ...

You can apply for the course by paying an advance of 5.000FT. You can do this by using the below payment methods. the Free Demonstration Hour.

I Apply for Free Demonstration Belly Dance Hour >>
All right! Where, when, and how can I apply for the course?

The 10-week Intensive Beginner Belly Dance Course is available for the highest quality, quality and extremely affordable prices. That's exactly why many people are interested in him just as you are. So we suggest you to book your seat today by paying an advance of $ 5,000 for the start-up course now!

September 13 , 2010 - There is still room left! -
(Monday and Friday) at 17:30.
Weekly two 60-minute dance lessons.

Location: 1067, Budapest, Eötvös u. 41 / b.
(3 minutes from the West!)

Choose from the following:

September 14, 2010 (Tuesday, Thursday from 18:30)

Cash Pay Personally in the Belly Dance School
Payment by Bank Transfer
Secure Payment with Credit Card (tip)
What happens after you have booked your place?
We'll send you an e-mail about your registration and we will permanently seize your location. We send you the exact location and time and how you can get to the dance hall. Then you will come to the first hour where you will meet with Tóth Bea and learn from them together to expedite your personality as quickly as possible.
(The remaining part of course fee is accepted in 1 or 2 installments)
Free tutorial:

For those who have not yet chosen, we have a Free Demonstration Hour before the 10th Intensive Initial Belly Dance Course.

Come and see what the 10th Intensive Initial Belly Dance Course is about! Get acquainted with Beat Tóth, see what you will learn and where you will develop in 10 Weeks. We are learning a choreography for live drummer music!

Date: 11 September 2010 (Saturday) 15: 00-16: 30
Location: 1067, Budapest, Eötvös u. 41 / b, 3 minutes from the West!

To complete this report please fill out the application form below:
(We will be notified by e-mail before the presentation, or our colleague may be contacted by phone before September 10, to verify the registration.)

Tóth Bea Amaraya

Belly Dance Teacher

Oriental performer and dancer

I graduated from the National Association of Dance Teachers in contemporary contemporary dance. The subject of my dissertation is Training Orientale (Eastern) Dancers on American Jazz Basics.

Since 2005, I travel 2-3 times a year to Egypt to develop my knowledge of belly dancing classes of legendary dancers (nowadays great masters). I was lucky to stand on the podium of the two most prestigious world races. No, not even in our grand prix races. In June 2010 I was taught my first guest as a Hungarian, in Cairo, the world's biggest belly dance forum at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Belly Dance Festival.

I've been racing forever in my life. I was passionate about the karate that had preceded dancing for years. I was so passionate that I was completely intoxicated and had serious problems with my cycle. I seriously thought about that. Then came the belly dance into my life, and as I brought my feminine side back, my health came back. That is why I set the goal of sharing the blessing with my cousins ​​in which I got the belly dance. So I chose this profession as a profession, which I really enjoy and has become my life now. On the one hand, dance itself as a movement for everyone is extremely useful; On the other hand, I can pass on my experience so far - whether I do not work in the night, I love the stage, I also take part in performances and I also have a professional tutorial. Thirdly, I love to teach, it is a kind of inner urge to support Women in realizing their enjoyment, accepting themselves, and teaming together into physical and psychological problems so that everyone can achieve their goal. I'm doing this job out of my heartbeat, who has already been on my belly dancing. I try to consider the individuality of each of my students and teach them, to deal with them to be even better than me. If you were not satisfied, you should advertise me ;-)!

The True Thing of Thousand One Night

"Bea Tóth is a cheerful and beautiful Hungarian girl who fits into the fairy tale of the Thousand-One Night without any concern. The whole of her being is surrounded by the spicy wonder that one wants to be enthusiastic about, so as to bring it with energy reserves into the fussy daydreams.

Rarely is a person who really trusts goodness and still believes that hard work is gaining its fruit. This kind of life-experience has so far proved to be true to him, although sometimes he has to come to it, life is much harder to measure the blows on man than he imagines in the dream world of the Thousand-Nights.

Beat Tóth has all the most important experiences of his time in Egypt, but lives in Budapest. In the Arabian country he was able to master the traditional belly dancing, in 2006 he became bronze medalist in Cairo in a prestigious world competition. Bea swims right in happiness, since almost everything came to him for what he wanted.

The stage is a real diva, but in private it is very solid. She had been wondering about her femininity for a short time, claiming she was a boyish guy before, even karate. In his cupboard, it is hard to believe this statement with pearl fabrics and silks. Walking in front of the wardrobe, it turns out that the belly dancer is not a wasteful type, but in the closet, one might think that she was spending hundreds of thousands on dazzling clothes.

There are some very valuable pieces, but we also find fancy suits that he made with his girlfriend. I can assure you, it does not show to any of them that it was not designed by a world-famous fashion designer. At one of our conversations, Bea betrayed her: she is already very grateful that a lot of people are just stuck in the belly dance, not the spiritual force that pervades this genre.

Bea thinks women who feel ugly or dissatisfied with their shape will immediately buy belly dancing lessons. She thinks this kind of activity is miraculous in a few months. The ladies will not only be more balanced, but also visibly beautiful.

This has also happened with the wonderful photos shown on this website. Whoever looks at them certainly does not feel the exaggeration I mentioned at the beginning of my brief briefing about the Thousand of Nights and the excellent Hungarian belly dancer. I wish him to remain with the dear, humble girl whom I can learn and help in that the disciples who fall out of their hands can value in our devastated world. "

-Döme Barbara-

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