A belly dancer teacher is not always a bachelorette?

You are already starting the belly dance, but you can not decide which one is the most suitable teacher in Budapest? And even if you're on a probation, you will never get any tangible during the first time? Then the following are for you:

One of the most useful advice you have ever been to build on solid foundation. This is the live music in this belly dance . It is important that you learn the right music right at the very beginning. By doing this, your techniques are accurate, your dance will be balanced from the beginning ...

That's why I created the Hastánc Start !, a 2-hour course to get to know the basics. In addition, by the end of the second hour you will also learn a short drum choreography for live music.Is that okay? Then let's see:
What is enough for 2 hours?

    "Tóth Bea Amaraya's warm-up " (if you're not too sporty, it will quickly boost your muscles for you too)
    Learning Arabic Arab Basic Pronunciation with the Musician - this is the most important rhythm to be authentic in your dance
    Beginner steps you need to know about all of your future dancing choreographies
    Starting hip techniques (not just those in the video course)
    5 minutes break
    Combining combinations of the learned (here we combine the rhythm with the step, arm and hip techniques)
    Creating choreography so that you can use your knowledge in practice and make it easier to memorize the lessons learned

The Honeysuckle Start! your inner self-expression is free to fly, because wherever you go on studying belly dancing, you sure the basics will be in place. I have already achieved my goal with this :)

In addition, with the acquired knowledge you will easily recognize good belly dancers where you can get the right training for yourself.

The original price of the course is 3800 HUF, but you can now get a 50% discount on it, ie HUF 1900!

Yes, you see, this is the cheapest cheatball dance in Budapest , with a price of 950 HUF per hour, in which live music is included. (That's exactly why I do not know how long it can be maintained so you have to know: I can withdraw the 1900 HUF price without prior notice)

The Next Ballet Start! training date: November 11, 2012 Sunday, from 17:00 to 19:00 - there is still room

Tóth Bea Amaraya is an internationally renowned belly dancer and belly dancer instructor.

It is your job to feel that similarly vibrant women of yours live through the passage through more feminine radiations, more internal harmony and more formative shape.

Look at his latest show he made in Cairo this summer:

This is what the downloaders said:

"Anyone interested in belly dancing is worth reading the articles, because it's also more understandable to me, this is a little exotic, mystical world for us. The articles are extremely straightforward, charming in tone, and maybe they are "chatting". In short, they are feminine. It really is for us women. Thank you for reading it too! "
Ágnes Demény, Budapest

"The magazine provides me with very valuable information, and I think it's important that if someone does something, look at the fundamentals as much as they can. The magazine will help, inform, and inspire it. Thank you and Go! "
Gulyás Sári, Budapest

"I really like the helpful advice and the interesting stories. I find the belly dance videos very useful too! It's a good idea for everyone to read the magazine because there is much to learn about it. Thanks!"
Krisztina Kovács, Sopron

"The magazine likes me, the articles are interesting, and the belly dance videos are captivating. It would be good for others to read such a magazine to get a fuller picture of a different world and not to think prejudices about women who love belly dancing. "
Paulek Orsolya, Budapest

"Particularly the article about the harmony of music and dancer has raised my attention, as it can be freely danced for good belly dancing music. It strengthens our knowledge, informs about actions, successes, selflessness in style. "
László Anfisza, Érd

"I like the Magazine very much! Many tips and tricks. a practice that is useful to us, belly dancers. I think that if we want to present high-quality production, it is important to pay attention to the smallest details. For example, we could read in magazine Magazine: "What color do our belly dance dress have?" This is a useful tip for those who have not gone down to the wonderful world of belly dancing. "
Renáta Orgován, Kisláng

"The best thing touched me, the Ahlan Core ... Bea !!! I look like a fantastic man / woman / belly dancer, although I have not been able to get to know you personally :)) Just so !!! "
Madzsar Nikolette, Budapest

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